Valerio CIOFFI, Managing Director of Aircraft Division, LEONARDO


Beyond product innovation, which is crucial in this sector, A&D players have also to rethink their manufacturing process.
This conference will highlight how companies have launched digital transformation efforts and how they proceed to get better results (make operations more efficient, boost the revenues, enhance customers experiences,…)

Big players and smaller companies will focus on:

Moderated by lain BLACKHALL, Director Global Media, AVIATION WEEK
 Moderated by: Director Global Media
Advanced Technologies Engineering

Operations & Programs Director

Space Infrastructure Systems Innovation Lead, Expert Life Support & Habitability

Moderated by lain BLACKHALL, Director Global Media, AVIATION WEEK

Moderated by: Director Global Media
Aviation Operating System
Division Process Leader

Senior Vice President
Procurement & Supply Chain - Aircraft Division

Supplier Development & Diversity

Dassault Aviation Senior Expert for Configuration Management, BoostAerospace General Manager

12:00- 12:30 SECO - your provider of Manufacturing solutions for Aerospace

Seco works closely with aerospace manufacturers to create and provide solutions that increase productivity and bolster profitability. With 5,000 team members in over 75 countries, we offer a globally networked resource dedicated to solving your challenges and supporting your operations. Through cooperative partnerships with aerospace manufacturers and entities around the world, we monitor trends, identify challenges and develop solutions that overcome the industry’s most demanding applications.
The aerospace industry faces many challenges, with a primary focus on reducing weight and increasing fuel efficiency. By 2020, the industry has committed to achieving four distinct milestones : 50% reduction of CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions per passenger per kilometer | 50% reduction in perceived aircraft noise | 80% reduction in N2O (Nitrous Oxide) emissions | Implementation of a greener aircraft life cycle.

  • Branko HOHNEC, General Manager, SECO CANADA

    Branko HOHNEC, General Manager, SECO CANADA, leading sales and responsible for developing Sales team.
    Studied on Mechanical University in Maribor. Started Career in aluminium company Impol as a head of Aluminium Coils and sheet production.
    After a few years he continued his business path in Cutting tools business where working with different suppliers. 
    In 2005 started to work at Seco as Managing director in Seco Slovenia responsible for Adria region (Former Yugoslavia republics). Soon Bulgaria and Greece were added to this region, where 
    Working only with Channel partners, represented Seco cutting tools. 
    In 2015 moved to Canada as a General Manager where dealing a lot with Aerospace customers such as Safran, Pratt&Whitney, Magellan, Heroux Devtek, Mecachrome,  Asco, Cyclone, UTC Collins, organising technical support and implementing Seco cutting expertise into their production.
    Familiar with Aerospace Customer needs, challenges and solutions. Working closely with the customers, listening and understanding their needs, organising support and providing best solutions together with Seco teams is a priority.


With a turnover of 15 billion (Euro) and a workforce of over 50,000, the Italian aerospace and defence & security industry ranks 7th in the world and 4th in Europe and represents the largest manufacturing sector in Italy in the field of high-tech integrated systems. Thanks to the quality of R&D and human resources and the large availability of suppliers (there are aerospace clusters in Piedmont, Lombardy, Emilia Romagna, Lazio, Sardinia, Umbria, Apulia and Campania), Italy represents the perfect location for aerospace companies. Incentives are provided by national and regional policies to support investments. InvestinItaly, a project based on a cooperation between the public Italian agencies: Italian Trade Agency and Invitalia, promotes business opportunities in Italy and helps foreign investors, through a portfolio of services, to establish or expand their business in the country.

  • Marina Damaggio, Director Foreign Direct Investment Partnership and Sector-based Analyses, Italian Trade Agency (ITA)

    Marina Damaggio is a senior executive at the Italian Trade Agency (ITA) in Rome, a public agency whose aim is to promote the internationalisation of the Italian SMEs.

    She graduated in Political Sciences at the University of Rome 'La Sapienza' and holds a Master Degree in Business Administration at the Latrobe University of Melbourne.

    Marina started her career as a junior executive at the National Social Security Institute in Rome. In 1987 she joined the Italian Trade Agency and was posted abroad to various countries of the Asia Pacific area, as Trade Commissioner in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines. 

    With a long experience in administrative and trade matters, at present Marina is in charge of the Foreign Direct Investment Partnership and sector-based analyses at the ITA HQ in Rome. 

  • Sabrina Mainolfi, Responsible for the management of the Foreign Direct Investment Programme, Invitalia

    She is responsible for the management of the Foreign Direct Investment Programme in Invitalia and the Head of the Invitalia working group in the Italian Trade Agency.

    Since 2006 in Invitalia first in the Director-General's Office and then in the Foreign Investment Department as Head of the "Agreements management Unit” for the creation of partnerships and agreements with national and international players for the attraction of investments. In 2013 she becomes responsible for the Middle Eastern Area.

    Graduated in Economics and Commerce and in International Affairs, with a post-graduate specialization in “banking disciplines” and an Executive Master in “internationalization of companies and foreign trade”, she has more than 20years experience in European and international policies, foreign investments and markets and business development in the Middle Eastern Area.

    From 2012 to 2016 she collaborates with the University of Rome "La Sapienza" - MEMOTEF and SIOI (Italian Society for International Organization) on internationalization of companies. In 2015 she obtains an excellence award for her work with the University of Rome "La Sapienza" in the Executive Master in International Business Development, Middle East.

    From 2001 to 2006 she holds the role of project manager in the Ernst & Young - Public Department, in particular as head of national projects for the European Commission and the World Bank, while from 1996 to 2001 she collaborates with Federlazio and Confindustria on projects of the European commission aimed mainly at the internationalization of companies.

  • Giulia MARCON, Head of International Affairs Dept., REGIONE PIEMONTE

    Giulia Marcon is the Head of the International Affairs Department of Regione Piemonte since 2005. In this role she deals with all the activities aimed to increase the competitiveness of the regional economy at international level. She is responsible for drafting and implementing institutional and financial tools to strengthen the presence of Piemonte companies, particularly SMEs, on international markets and to promote the regional system to attract foreign investment on the territory.

  • Cosimo Borraccino, Minister for Economic Development, Apulia Regional Government

    Passionate about politics from an early age, he was a Councillor for the  Province of Taranto for many years and in 2015, he was elected for the second time as a regional Councillor for Apulia where he serves as a component of the regional Health Commission and Antimafia Commission, as well as President of the General Affairs Commission. In 2018, he was nominated as Minister for Economic Development in the Apulia Regional Government, where he is committed to boosting regional economic growth and employment.

  • Eng. Gerardo Lancia, Lazio Innova Spa, EU Structural Investment Funds TA - Special Projects & Technology Cluster Senior Officer

    Over the last 15 years, Gerardo has gained extensive senior experience in seed/growth financing and investment management and he has a perfect fit with space economy, renewables, smart grid and clean-tech cluster innovation management.

    As industry and competitive analysis senior expert in Lazio Innova, his focus is on open innovation, community building and seed/growth stage investment valuation on investments across several sub-sectors and downstream application markets: GNSS SatNav, Earth Observation, SatCom, Air-Traffic-Management, Power Renewables, Smart Grid & IoT (TSOs & DSOs), Energy Efficiency and Sustainable mobility.

    Gerardo has a Master of Science, summa cum laude, in Electrotechnical Engineering and an MBA from INSEAD-Fontainebleau. 

  • Giacomo Cao, Sardinia AeroSpace District (DASS) Scarl, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Legal Representative

    Giacomo Cao got his Master Degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of Cagliari in February 1986 and his PhD also in Chemical Engineering at the University of Bologna in 1990. He became Assistant Professor in 1990, Associate Professor in 1992 and Full Professor of Chemical Engineering in 2001. He has been visiting scholar at the Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Notre Dame, USA, in 1988, 1991 and 1992 and research associate at the same University in 1993. He has been the co-author of more than 200 papers in refereed journals, 3 books, 3 edited book, 19 papers in refereed conference proceedings, 12 patents and 20 book chapters. He has been recognized as one of the 50 world leaders in Self-propagating High-temperature Synthesis (SHS) in October 2007. Since October 2013, he is serving as Chairman of the Board of Directors and Legal Representative of the Sardinian AeroSpace District (DASS) Scarl. Since November 2016, he has been included in the list of the Top Italian Scientists.

14:00-14:30 Digitalization & Security of European Aerospace and Defense Supply Chain: how BoostAeroSpace brings standards to the Industry

BoostAeroSpace SAS, was founded almost 10 years ago by Airbus, Dassault Aviation, Safran and Thales, and is the digital hub for collaboration and security of data exchanges within the Aerospace & Defense European industry. Our main mission is to implement standards, secured and collaborative tools and services to increase competitiveness and security of the global Aerospace Supply Chain. When digitalization has become a key lever to accelerate and improve business performance, it is also a success factor to facilitate collaboration among customers and suppliers. BoostAeroSpace acts as an enabler of this collaboration and standardization of processes and digital solutions.
  • Jean-François CUGY, Dassault Aviation Senior Expert for Configuration Management - BoostAerospace General Manager

    Jean-François joined Dassault Aviation in 1984 as a CAD-CAM Research & Development engineer before to hold in 1989 Digital Mock-Up deployment responsibilities (for Rafale and Falcon 2000 aircrafts). He was also in charge to chair European projects related to Concurrent Engineering.
    In the early 2000s he joined the Falcon 7X team as Technical Program Manager in charge of maintenance and in 2006 the Falcon 5X/6X team as Technical Program Manager in charge of Design methods (Airframe, Systems, Logistics). This experience led him to  become Digital Transformation Officer with specific scope on Configuration Management for processes and programs in 2016, and Dassault Aviation representative for specific exchange within the International PLM-Action Group.

    Jean-François graduated from the French Mechanical engineering school “Arts et Métiers” and from the American University of Paris (BA in International Business Administration).

    Jean-François has been appointed as BoostAeroSpace General Manager in June 2019.

14:35-15:05 CNS Thesis Awarding

CNS stands for Center for Near Space a no-profit organization part of the Italian Institute for the Future that has the objective to promote the knowledge of the Space as the Fourth element for the humanity. 

By means of studies and initiative it would like to advance the large public familiarization with Space challenges and technologies in view of the future Space colonization. 

Themes as new Space architecture and innovative stations, new transportation spaceplanes, additive manufacturing in Space, fully regenerative life support concepts, crew collaborative robotics and artificial intelligence in Space, are examples of its areas of investigation.

In this context CNS launched early 2019 inside the Italian Aerospace major Universities a call for Thesis exploiting above themes. 

The first two Thesis have been completed in Piemonte Region through a collaboration between Politecnico di Torino, Thales Alenia Space and the small company Ellena specialized in Additive Manufacturing. The two corresponding CNS Awards will be assigned to the Politecnico di Torino MS graduated students which exploited respectively Additive Manufacturing on ground and in Space and a new Condensing Heat Exchanger solution for regenerative Life Support Systems manufactured using AM Techniques. 

Both prototypes will be also shown in the A&DM  Piemonte Agency exhibition area.


    Presently supporting Piemonte Agency as Senior Space Expert he is also external Professor at Politecnico di Torino involved in Space Systems Engineering courses since more than 20 years. He was in Thales Alenia Space for 41 years covering several design and Testing responsibilities up to the last position of CTO for TAS Italy and TAS VP for R&D, technology and Product Policy . Actually is also member of the Scientific Committee inside the Center of Near Space and President of the Technical Scientific Committee of the ITS Mechatronics and Aerospace in Piemonte. He is also Co-Chairman of the "Technologies from Space Exploration" WG of NEREUS on behalf of Piemonte Region and is part of the Technical Committee of the A&DM. Is also acting as visiting professor of the University of Leicester in Space Exploration and providing consultancy  to the University of Padua for Space hybrid Propulsion. 

     In recognition of his involvement in the ISS project it has been assigned by NASA and Astronomical Society  the name Messidoro to the asteroid  24856. He is "Maestro del lavoro" and "Ufficiale della Repubblica Italiana".

15:10-15:40 Presentation of the Aerospace Industry in Canada

Canada is one of the global leaders in the aerospace industry. This session will present the results of ITA 2019 survey on key trends, purchase criteria and perceptions of Italian aerospace firms.

  • Matteo PICARIELLO, Head of the Italian Trade Agency in Canada, ITALIAN TRADE AGENCY

    Matteo Picariello is the Italian Trade Commissioner to Canada and heads Italian Trade Agency (ITA) offices of Toronto and Montreal. Prior to leading the ITA in Canada, he served to the United States; Australia and New Zealand; and as Italian Trade Commissioner to South Korea. Matteo Picariello started in Marketing and Communications before his string of international appointments as ITA Director abroad. An avid sailor, wine lover and outdoor enthusiast, Picariello currently resides in Toronto and is married with two children.

15:45-16:15 Additive Manufacturing Maturity, Evolution and Perspectives

The advantages and the capability of the Additive Manufacturing Technology have been toroughly discussed in a lot of dedicated seminars and round tables in the past years. 
Medical (prosthesis), Aerospace, Automotive (racing) and Industrial Equipment found benefit when adopting this manufacturing technology  in prototyping and in the small series production as well.  Now is time to harvest the results obtained by the forerunners so far to extend the application to other parts, other fields and other materials and of course to other players. Increase the size and the complexity of the parts to be manufactured. Extend the concept of “Think additive” avoiding the replica of parts conceived for conventional manufacturing technology. Better understanding of the VALUE of a parts designed and produced ADDITIVE. Facing proactively with the issues of process qualification and product certification especially in the aerospace field. The business management  must be deeply reengineered to exploit the capabilities and the opportunities that this technology can offer.
  • Mauro VARETTI, Consultant, Free Lance, PIEMONTE AGENCY

    Ing, Mauro Varetti gained a deep experience over 37 years working in the Aerospace Propulsion Business covering different roles ranging from advanced turbomachinery design to manufacturing technologies within the former FIAT Aviazione, now AvioAero (GE Company).

    He has been involved with the major aeroengine OEMs in a wide range of propulsion systems for civil and military application and space propulsion system as well.

    He contributed significantly to the development of the AM technology within the company up to the real engine test demonstration (GENx) paving the way for the adoption of this technology on the next generation of aeroengines (GE9x,…)

    Retired since mid 2015 he is still active in the AM field and led as CEO an innovative start-up company, 3D New Technologies, with the aim to develop an innovative AM Powder Bed Fusion system.

    He is participating in educational initiatives to disseminate the philosophy of “Think Additive”.

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