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The innovation Agenda for Sustainable Development: a Priority for the Future of the Aerospace Sector and a better Planet

Sustainability – The Vision

Ricardo Procacci
Vincenzo Giorgio
Axel Krein

The green journey towards climate neutral aviation

Aviation’s share of manmade CO2 emissions – while still modest – has risen to ~2.5% globally. This share will become larger in the coming decades if no corrective actions are taken.

The new European Partnership for Clean Aviation will support the development of revolutionary technologies designed to drive aviation’s emissions burden down to zero, while at the same time securing a competitive edge for European air manufacturers on the global market.

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Luca Bedon
Angela Natale
Carmine Orsi

The transformation of the space industry: a series of technological and business model innovations that have led to a significant reduction in costs and resulted in the provision of new products and services. Europe is becoming an innovative space technology hub.

How Space Economy will influence the market in the next decade


Sustainability from Space: What’s up, what’s next?

Space is part of everyone’s daily life, to an extent that we do not even fully realise: from weather forecast to climate monitoring and disaster management, from navigation to telecommunication and exploration of the Solar System. The world relies on Space data for more and more activities and our sector is expanding to gather more information to provide better services.
But what can we do to minimize the impacts of satellite operations both on ground and in orbit? Airbus is working with institutions, private companies and the public to tackle the global challenges in a responsible way to make Earth a better place for future generations. Encompassing and expanding the role of Space as Sustainability Enabler far more than we may think at first glance.

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What about European human space flight?

USA, China, Russia and India are announcing their own plans for expanding Human presence in the solar system. Actually global space exploration is at a turning point, reaching to a new exploitation of low Earth orbit, not only as departing point of the beloved roadmap to the Moon and Mars, but also with pragmatic strategic and economic huge ambitions.

Europe shall now embrace this reality and decide to be part of it, or not.

European expertise, capabilities and technologies shall ensure that European companies, large and small, established and emerging, are given a chance to contribute.

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Walter Cugno- Thales Alenia Space

Conference round up and Closing Remarks


Morning Session


Mattia Barbarossa

EOS: the personal computer of space vehicles

Sidereus Space Dynamics is an Italian aerospace start-up developing and testing EOS, a new generation orbital spacecraft, considered the personal computer of space vehicles. EOS is a miniaturized single stage to orbit, a universal tool that can be deployed from any location in the world, within a few hours and in total safety. A technology capable of going to and return from low-earth-orbit several times a day, designed for small satellites and experimental payloads.

Space to Create Together – Being a Partner of Thales Alenia Space

The presentation is stating Thales Alenia Space business and markets, the principles and goals of our acquisition process to select our partners in order to meet the market challenges, the suppliers information assessed and the ways to develop our relationship with our partners.

Meet the Catalyst: from a clean-sheet to first flight, the brand-new European engine amazes the Global Turboprop Market

At the ADM in Turin, Avio Aero is going to display the first new, clean-sheet turboprop engine to enter the business and general aviation market in more than 50 years, entirely designed and manufactured in Europe: Catalyst™ is going to be a game-changer in its segment in terms of both performance and sustainability, featuring digitized, advanced technologies and more efficiency. The Catalyst™ program launched in 2015 and - establishing a record - in December 2017 successfully completing the very first engine test, then accomplishing the maiden flight key milestone on September 30th, 2021. Avio Aero contributed since the day 1 to the entire engine system development, as well as to single modules’ design and to the subsequent testing campaign, applying some of its mastered technological and industrial capabilities, like additive and a FADEC for engine and propeller digital control.

Afternoon Session

Leonardo Logistics the right partner to develop innovative logistics solutions

A new way of thinking and making logistics in Leonardo

Leonardo Logistic is the “new” company appointed to manage logistics in Leonardo with a digital and sustainable approach. In collaboration with Leonardo’s CTIO, leveraging a centralized model to maximise the standardisation of processes and optimise costs, Leonardo Logistics is investing in engineering & technology to develop advanced effective solutions supporting customers’ needs and aligned with Leonardo’s evolution plan.Presentation gives a brief overview of Leonardo Logistics main initiatives within the “so called” Advanced Logistics Programme

Greater efficiency and reliability in composites manufacturing with laser projection

Next-generation composites fabrication will depend, more than ever, on highly efficient, flexible and reliable processes. LAP will explore how its laser projection systems and new features can help the aerospace industry meet these demands. Important to this effort are production systems that ensure accuracy and repeatability of fiber placement. Attendees will learn how upgraded product and software features support current and potential users of LAP’s laser projection system to enhance quality control.


Ezio Dadone
Cristina Leone

CTNA - National Aerospace Technology Cluster: Innovation Ecosystem in Italy

The Piedmont Aerospace Cluster

Mapping the Aerospace Industry in Piedmont: companies, economics and prospects

"Size" of the aerospace industry in Piedmont and actual industry status in the region.Challenges that inspired the study: mapping of Piedmont's aerospace industry, done by querying major company databases, contacting companies and involving the industry district.The resulting economic analysis classifies companies according to their technical specialization, highlighting the current situation of the industry and its possible future prospects.


Alberto Carpinetti
Margherita Bertinotti
1. Manuela Brero, Strategic Sourcing Leader
Mauro Mariano

Networking Cocktail


Morning Session

The Aerospace sector in the post-COVID scenario: how the supply chain can be ready for recovery

Margherita Bertinotti
1. Manuela Brero, Strategic Sourcing Leader
Massimo Castorina
Francesco Maciariello

Realization of Thermal Vacuum Chamber test facilities in ISO clean room for aerospace test and related cryogenic support equipment

Thermal Vacuum Chambers (TVCs) are widely used in the aerospace sector to perform test of flying hardware in order to qualify or determinate performance characteristics of the components.
Criotec manufactured nr. 2 Thermal Vacuum Chambers that are used to perform several type of tests, like thermal vacuum cycling tests, thermal functional tests, cryogenic test, helium leak test, thermal performances characterization. Among the support equipment, Criotec already manufactured several subcooled systems, able to reach temperature of 65K using liquid nitrogen, without the use of cryocoolers or helium.


Leonardo for a Sustainable Supply Chain: the roadmap toward a new concept of excellence

Giacinto Carullo
AD&S Industry is facing a period of increasing challenges, with an unprecedented need to accelerate the speed of products and processes innovation and the introduction of new technologies along the value chain. It will represent a very important business opportunity for the most qualified suppliers, but at same time it requires supply chains, now more than ever, to make a further qualitative leap in terms of strength, capabilities and competitiveness. A new concept of excellence, according to a logic of sustainable development.
Discover how Leonardo, as AD&S Global Player, is supporting and accelerating the transformation of a supply chain largely made by SMEs, to be ready to compete on international markets as an integrated sustainable ecosystem.

Afternoon Session

How to do business with TEI

Emre Dalak
İbrahim Alper Dinçer
TEI is an international manufacturer and a global design center today with the high-quality products and services it offers to aviation industry. In parallel to the advanced manufacturing technologies it has, TEI carries out planned activities in line with its mission of becoming a leading engine company globally. As TEI’s R&D Sourcing Team; our target is to extend our supplier network, built new collaborations and grow with them.

The Rise of the Small Reusable LEO launcher

Exos Aerospace is proud to return its CEO to his roots in Italy and lead the development of an Italian Version of an Exos Aeropspace Italia Srl air launched, air captured reusable orbital launcher (named Jaguar) that will be capable of launch from Italian Airspace.

Marek Atanascev

The Czech Aerospace Industry: Opportunities for your business and cooperation

If you want to learn more about the Czech market and the aerospace and defense sector in the Czech Republic, take part in our workshop and we will present you the latest and most important information. We will give you advice that no one else can give you regarding the Czech business environment, while the Czech companies will share their experiences with you.

Grant Fretwell

Innovative solutions for chrome replacement

Hard chrome plating has been an inexpensive solution for corrosion and wear protection for decades, but the environmental and health risks outweigh its continued use. There are numerous alternatives that provide equivalent or better performance. PST will discuss some of their solutions and share success stories for the aerospace industry.


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Luigi Scatteia

Global Space Practice Leader

Luigi is a Partner in PwC Advisory France. Within PwC he leads the Space Practice worldwide, and core space strategy consulting team based in Paris and Toulouse, focused on serving institutional and commercial stakeholders in the space sector, as well as non-space companies with specific commercial interest in space products and applications. He has 22 years of experience in the space sector and he has extensively supported the Space Industry, the investment community, Space Agencies, intergovernmental organizations, and governments in Europe and Worldwide. He is a regular keynote and panel speaker at space-related events worldwide.  

Ralf Zimmermann

HO Moon Programs and Orion-ESM

Ralf Zimmermann is the assigned head of moon programs and project manager of the Orion European Service (ESM) module at Airbus. The ESM represents half of the spacecraft used by NASA and international partners to return humans to the moon within the Artemis program. Prior to this, Ralf Zimmermann was chief programs officer and managing director of TESAT Spacecom, delivering electronic equipment for satellites (telecom, earth observation and science and constellations). Before joining TESAT he headed a multinational department for Active Radar and Microwave instruments in Airbus Space Systems in the earth observation perimeter. Earlier career stations encompass: Head of German national and Export Satellites, Program Manager for the Automated Transfer Vehicle serving the International Space Station (ISS) and different positions within the Columbus program development for the European Module of the ISS.

Walter Cugno

Vice President Exploration and Science Domain

After finishing his graduate studies in the field of aerospace engineering and technology, Walter Cugno joined the company in 1975 as a member of the Spacelab programme, the first European manned space system. He then held positions as Assembly, Test and Integration manager of the Hipparcos satellite, and in project management roles on BeppoSax and on the International Space Station (ISS) programme, developing, amongst other things, the Node2 Harmony, Node 3 Tranquility and Cupola elements, as well as the PMM (Permanent Multipurpose Module) Programme and the Cygnus Pressurized Cargo Module. After time spent as the Director of the ExoMars Programme, he was then appointed  as VP, Exploration and Science and head of Thales Alenia Space’s activities in Turin. Walter Cugno is a world-renowned expert in the field of human and robotic space exploration, as well as in the prospective studies of the exploitation of space resources in the “new space” economy.

Raphael Roettgen

Founder & Partner

Raphael Roettgen is the founder of E2MC Ventures, a space-focused early-stage venture capital firm. He is also the co-founder of Prometheus Life Technologies, a space biotech startup that was the first startup to win the Orbital Reef innovation challenge.

He lectures on space entrepreneurship and finance at several universities including the International Space University (ISU) and the Swiss Institute of Technology at Lausanne (EPFL), hosts the popular Space Business Podcast, and is the author of “To Infinity”, an introductory book on the space economy.

Previously, Mr. Roettgen held senior roles at global investment banks and hedge funds and was also a fintech entrepreneur in Brazil.

He holds degrees in finance from Wharton, machine learning from PUC-Rio and space studies from the International Space University, where he also serves as a governing member.

Sam Martin

Senior Partner

Since 2010, Sam has been a partner at Fleur De Lis Partners in Tampa, Florida, accumulating more than a decade of private transaction experience. In 2019, he led application development at an AI startup. After departing in 2020, he deepened his AI research, earned a certificate in CS from NYU, and in 2022, co-authored an ML algorithm for equities analysis. That same year, he invested in Spaced Ventures. He joined their team in March 2023 as Senior Partner and has since helped close 4 transactions representing 14.5mn $USD in AUM. Sam holds a bachelor’s in philosophy and a minor in music from George Washington University.

Adnan Al-Rais

Director of Remote Sensing Department

In his capacity as Assistant Director General – Space Operations and Exploration Sector in
the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre (MBRSC), Adnan and his team are responsible
for all downstream activities of MBRSC space missions. This includes the Ground
Networks Operations and Maintenance, Missions Operations, Data Processing,
Applications and Value-added Products Development, Interfacing with the end users;
locally and internationally, as well as commercializing MBRSC products and services.
In addition, Adnan is managing the UAE Astronaut Program at MBRSC, managing missions,
and preparing astronauts corps to support current and future Human Spaceflight
missions. Moreover, he is overseeing the Space Science and Space Robotics Lab at MBRSC.
Adnan has published and presented a number of papers in the areas of remote sensing
and satellite image applications. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering
from Khalifa University, Sharjah, UAE

Timothy Cichan

 Chief Architect, Commercial Civil Space

Timothy Cichan (Chee-haan) is the Space Exploration Architect at Lockheed Martin, where he leads a multi-disciplinary team of engineers who figure out how to help astronauts and robots visit the Moon, asteroids, and Mars. He previously was the Orion System Architect. Timothy joined Lockheed Martin in 2002, and has worked for both human spaceflight and commercial communication satellite teams, in optimal trajectory design, mission analysis, subsystem development, and systems engineering. He has a Master’s and Bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from Penn State.

Dana Baki

Chief Commercial Officer

Dana Baki is the Chief Commercial Officer of The Exploration Company, one of the fastest growing space companies globally, building reusable space capsules and lunar landers. This Nyx capsule will be the first to use green propellant globally, while flying at a fraction of the cost of global competition.

Prior to joining The Exploration Company, Dana was the co-founder & COO of MUNCH:ON, a food technology platform based out of the Middle East, that was acquired by Careem (Uber’s subsidiary in the region). Before starting MUNCH:ON, Dana was a Partner of Business Development at AlJal Capital—a financing and venture capital firm in the United Arab Emirates. Previous to that, Ms. Baki worked for Procter & Gamble in the United States for 7+ years, benefiting from a wide range of assignments within the company and gaining expertise in Corporate Strategy, Marketing and Consumer Insights.

She holds an MBA from Georgetown University and B.A. in Economics and English Literature from The University of Michigan.

Theodora Ogden

Analyst – Defence & Security

Theodora Ogden is an Analyst in the Defence and Security team at RAND Europe, where she focuses on emerging technologies, strategy and space as an operational domain. Her work has helped inform UK MOD and the UK Space Agency, including towards development of the British National Space Strategy and security strategy. She currently manages a large-scale evaluation of the UKSA’s Earth Observation programme. In 2022 Theodora spent six months on secondment at Arizona State University as the inaugural Interplanetary Initiative Fellow, leading research on equitable access to space and emerging spacefaring countries. She regularly publishes and speaks on the future of space and key geopolitical, legal and economic challenges. Theodora also provides advice and research input for various international working groups and policy initiatives. With an academic background in security and international law, Theodora previously worked at NATO HQ SACT and the Fundamental Rights Agency of the EU, as well as at several think tanks and non-profit organisations.

Joshua Western

CEO and Co-founder

Josh co-founded Space Forge in 2018. From kick-starting their mission to change the face of the space industry – making space work for humanity – Josh, and co-founder Andrew Bacon, have taken the industry leading startup from a garage in Bristol to raising the largest ever seed round in Europe by a Space Tech company. 

Space Forge is developing the world’s first fully reusable platform, to unlock the benefits of space for manufacturing and experimentation at scale. By producing next generation materials off planet and returning to Earth, a stepchange in humanity’s progress is possible – with the power to progress a clean industrial revolution.


Prior to co-founding Space Forge, Josh gained a vast knowledge of the UK Space Industry: working for Thales Alenia Space across marketing and sales, as well as was being seconded to the UK Space Agency, where he worked on everything from Critical National Infrastructure to technology harmonisation with European Space Agency member states.

Manny Shah

Managing Director

Manny is the Managing Director for UK & Europe at Orbit Fab, supporting the development of an in-space propellant and materials supply chain. Manny is focused on technology development, commercialisation, and international growth for this leading space start-up. Manny previously helped develop BryceTech’s international consulting presence into a revenue generating and profitable business, managed the analysis of a multi-billion-dollar portfolio of assets at Inmarsat, and executed on cross-functional initiatives at top-tier investment banks. Manny holds a master’s degree in space studies from the International Space University and a bachelor’s in computer science from the University of Kent.

Manny sits on multiple advisory boards and committees, including UKSA’s Space Technology Advisory Committee, the UK’s Spaceflight Safety and Regulatory Council, and the International Astronautical Federation’s Industry Relations Committee. He is a recipient of the 2023 IAF Young Space Leader, the 2019 and 2020 SSPI 20 under 35 award, SGAC’s Space Generation Leadership award, and the William S. Ball Award for Entrepreneurship.

Didier Schmitt

Head of the Strategy
& Coordination Group, Directorate of Human and Robotic Exploration

Didier Schmitt is head of the strategy and coordination group for human and robotic exploration at the European Space Agency. From 2009 to 2018 he was stationed in Brussels, successively in the European Commission Space Policy Unit, as adviser to the President of the EC on technology foresight, and at the EU diplomatic service dealing with space and security. Previously he was head of life sciences for human spaceflight at ESA-ESTEC. As an academic he was Associate Professor at the Toulouse medical school and at the International Space University in Strasbourg. His educational background is PhD in biosciences as well as a certified medical doctor.