The only business convention for the aerospace industry in Italy




Seventh in the world and fourth in Europe, with a turnover of over 14 billion € and a workforce of 50,000 employees with high levels of specialization, the aerospace industry represents the largest manufacturing sector in Italy in the field of high-tech integrated systems.

In Piemonte, the aerospace sector is one of the productive and scientific excellences, confirming the regional vocation for technological innovation. The Piedmontese aerospace industry employs approximately 14,800 people, with an annual turnover of around 3.9 billion €.

Regional players stand out both at the national and international level: Leonardo, Thales Alenia Space, Avio Aero, Collins Aerospace.

280 leading SMEs operate in all fields of production: aircraft manufacturing, aerostructures, propulsion systems, machineries and tools, mechanics & special metalworking, landing gear systems and equipment, interior equipment and furnishing, composites and special materials, electrical/electronic components, satellites, space systems, test and control equipment, defense vehicles & systems, engineering, prototyping, software creation and consultancy, UAV/UAS/OPV, avionics, design and analysis, MRO.

Enterprises can be placed in more than a sub sector: civil aviation, business aviation, defence, rotary wings, space.


Alongside the companies 1 aerospace District, 4 universities, 200 private and public R&D centers, 4 S& T parks, 7 innovations hubs, 6 incubators.


The piedmontese aerospace industry  has a good ability to operate internationally, as certified by the amount of programmes – both commercial and military – in which local companies play a significant role. The list includes: 777,767 and 787 Dreamliner, Airbus A321, A340-500/600 and A380, Falcon 2000 and EX, Eurofi ghter Typhoon, C27J, ATR42, NH90 and EH101. More than half of the SMEs have foreign companies among their clients, both European and from overseas.



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