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Space Infrastructure Systems Innovation Lead,
Expert Life Support & Habitability

Cesare Lobascio graduated in Nuclear Engineering at Politecnico di Torino (Italy) in 1987, and in Environmental Engineering (MS) at the University of California in Berkeley (USA) in 1993, being awarded a Fulbright Fellowship.

He has worked for 30 years at Thales Alenia Space in the fields of Space Environment and Environmental Control and Life Support, with roles of analyst, researcher, system engineer, study manager and leader for the disciplines, in the frame of several International Space Station, Scientific Satellites and Space Exploration programs.

For more than 14 years, he has been Head of the Space Flight, Environment & Habitats Unit. In this role he was responsible for teams active in the domain of Space Environment & Debris, Life Support & Habitat, Aeromechanics & Propulsion.  Since 2014 he serves as Senior Expert in “Life Support & Habitability” in Thales Alenia Space.

He is currently Innovation Lead for Exploration & Science, in the New Initiatives and Innovation Directorate, active in the innovation Cluster and Open Innovation initiatives.

He teaches two courses at the Master SEEDS (Space Exploration & Development Systems) in Torino: Space and Planetary Environment and Environmental Control and Life Support.   

He has authored more than 70 papers for journals and conferences, and several book chapters.

Member of the International Conference on Environmental Systems (ICES) International Committee and Space Environment Systems Program Committee, he organizes and chairs several workshops and conference sessions in his field.

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