Torino - Italy | November, 28-30, 2017

6th International Business Convention for the Aerospace Industry

Torino - Italy | November, 29-30, 2017

6th International Business Convention for the Aerospace Industry

Torino-Piemonte, leading global hub for aerospace

Seventh in the world and fourth in Europe, with a turnover of over 6.6 billion € and a workforce of 33,000 employees with high levels of specialization, the aerospace industry represents the largest manufacturing sector in Italy in the field of high-tech integrated systems.

In Piemonte, the aerospace sector is one of the productive and scientific excellences, confirming the regional vocation for technological innovation. In terms of wealth and resources, the Piedmontese aerospace industry employs approximately 15,200 people, with an annual turnover of around 3.9 billion €.

Five regional players stand out both at the national and international level: Leonardo, Thales Alenia Space, Avio Aero, Selex Es, Microtecnica Actuation Systems / UTC.

280 SMEs operate alongside, whose technological and manufacturing processes are compatible with the technical standards (quality, accuracy, ability in handing special materials etc.) required by the sector.

The piedmontese aerospace industry has a good ability to operate internationally, as certified by the amount of programmes – both commercial and military – in which local companies playa a significant role. The list includes: 777,767 and 787 Dreamliner, Airbus A321, A340-500/600 and A380, Falcon 2000 and EX, Eurofi ghter Typhoon, C27J, ATR42, NH90 and EH101. More than half of the SMEs have foreign companies among their clients, both European and oversea.


The supply chain is complete and offers:

  • final producers of complex subsystems
  • suppliers of parts, components and functional groups that are incorporated in this subsystems
  • subcontractors of specialized manufacturing and equipment. The spectrum of technological and manufacturing know-how is wide : metallurgy, mechanics, electromechanics, electronics, manufacturing and processing of plastics, rubber and all materials used in many complex systems. Attention to technological innovation is constant. Thanks to the presence of the Politecnico University of Torino – whose activity in the sector is of great relevance in terms of engineering training and research & development – and of other specialized research centers, Piemonte provides the necessary support to design and R&D activities to sustain businesses.